Interior Cafe AftabMall(kaban cafe )

Many early hits and meetings that take place in people's lives, it needs a quiet space. The cafe, as a suitable place, should create an intimate atmosphere to make you more enjoyable

Everyone has different choices for having their leisure time. Some people walk on the sidewalk, some go to the comfortable cafe and they eat a delicious drink with their loved ones.
We offer you go to a nice and comfortable cafe in the name of (kaban  cafe) that you will certainly have a good meeting with your friends there.

Cafe kaban is located in a beautiful and magnificent atmosphere on the aftabmall. This cafe has a Calming down decoration, the full menu  and experienced staff , brings the most taste interesting and moments to you
If you look around the aftabmall for a place to be together and relaxed. We offer you cafe caban. Enjoy the food and drink and enjoy a delightful relaxation

This cafe is open from 9am to 12pm. The benefits of this cafe are its openness at night; for a friendly meeting on these long nights.
Street cafe AftabMall

One of the other good advantages of the cafe caban, Part of the outdoor cafe . Eat a warm drink with your loved ones on these cool autumn days make you a memorable experience.

kaban cafe located on the aftabmall with a full menu of hot and cold drinks Invites you to have a quiet day with your friends.