Set of rules AftabMall

Thank you for choosing online store aftabmall because the use of this site in any form it means accepting the terms contained in the site rules section you are required to read it carefully

Matter 1- definitions

In this section, the terms used in the text of the rules are defined
Store : online store aftabmall
Site: website online store aftabmall to the address
Site content : contains price ، text ، picture ، the movie and general introduction products or all articles and the news is on the site and blog
The user : anyone entering the site through the internet aftabmall has been. the user is deemed to be
member : user who has become a full member or site member،  a member is considered
customer : The user or member who buys the site
order : the goods or goods the customer chooses and intends to buy
: sending an order from the customer to check the availability of ordered goods and review possible price changes

Matter 2 - Require and accept the order

Similar to physical environment ،  in the electronic environment, any trading is done ، indicates the occurrence of a contrac. contract in accordance with article 183 civil law is that “one or more people will commit to others and accept them” accordingly, the online contract is also contract that is done through "message data
requirement ، it is suggested to do a deal to someone else، so that if the offer is accepted ، the contract is closed. accept is also  declaration of satisfaction to the requisite instrument for concluding the contract
So when the request is accepted through the message data  An online contract has been signed ، So when the customer finalizes their order in fact, the contract has been concluded and is required to pay
pay attention to the necessity for the promise does not create an obligation and he can be  requirement the length of time the offer persists or other terms
considering that according to the procedure of the  first stage shop ، Inquiry order. The response of the customer order inquiries as requiring and finalizing the order is accepted by the customer
registration of any order is subject to the knowledge and acceptance of the site rules  and so the customer is obliged to carefully read these rules before ordering any order and register them if they agree
users must be of legal age (18 years) to purchase from the site or purchase from the site through their parents or legal guardian

Matter 4 - Ordering without requiring membership

Dear customers and users to view Receiving information and even registering the order are not required to register on the site. Who is in the next purchases  But if you register, in addition to Do not have to enter their information Can take advantage of membership on the site, including the knowledge of the latest news  and Good buy information and offers and special membership bonuses
By registering this information ، Users and customers ensure that their information is stored at the store
They are instructing the store to use this information to communicate
Attention : Customers should try to accurately log their information when ordering Otherwise, he will be responsible for any problems and possible losses

Matte   5 - Payment methods

customers living in Baneh city or those who come to the sales office in person can order your money online pay a card to the card or pay at the place (cash or bank card and through paypal)
of course, for orders above $ 500,000 ، In order to ensure the accuracy of the order, at least 10% of the order amount must be paid online
customers residing in other cities of Iran are required to pay their order online or card to card or deposit
 : how to send orders
 orders in the city of Baneh solely by the transportation system  aftabmall it is sent.and customers can choose one of three ways to instant messaging, normal posting and free shipping
in the cities adjoining the Baneh city orders in addition to the shipping system aftabmall they are also sent by the post company
 in other provinces other than kurdistan orders are shipped by two post offices of the islamic republic of Iran
 customers can register at the order and inquiry ، choose from a possible method of sending a method choosing any method means knowing the rules and conditions
important note : in cases where the post is selected by post or freight company  The responsibility of the store is to deliver the order correctly and safely and at the minimum time to the post office or the freight company and send the tracking code to the customer. In this case, the store is not responsible for the delay in posting or potential problems .in these cases and in order to be more cautious The store the goods in accordance with the framework of the company post or load up to the maximum possible insurance until there are concerns about possible damage to customers But in the event of a problem, the store is not liable to pay the liability

Matte  6_ shipping cost

dear customers when ordering and inquiry ، they are easy and free of charge different shipping methods and associated costs   see each of them. these costs are based on a selective send method the size and weight of the goods ordered and the distance to the destination city mechanized by the system  calculated
it is necessary to explain that customers can always  request a store If possible, send the goods free of charge but choosing this option does not necessarily mean accepting the store to send a free order

Matte 7 - Delivery time of orders

Baneh city orders : delivery time in Baneh city based on a selective method of less than 3 hours up to 3 business days for free shipping orders in the immediate delivery is free
attention : Baneh city orders are due to unpredictable issues such as unexpected traffic ،at a time interval of 2 to 3 hours with customers will be co-ordinated  delivered and respectable customers are required within the specified time period at the place of delivery of goods otherwise, the responsibility and remittance charge are the responsibility of the customer
orders sent by mail and courier : orders to be sent by post or courier  If they were finalized before 13:00  ، on the same day, delivery will be post or courier  but if they have been finalized after this hour on the next business day they will be delivered  post and delivery company also depends on the destination of the goods usually, 24 to 48 hours later, they will deliver the goods to their destination

Matte 8 - Important points when ordering

dear customers are obligated when ordering delivery and before opening the packaging the specifications of the ordered goods match the delivery goods and refrain from delivering it if it does not
attention : full description related to you can  study commodity contradiction in  the part3 days guarantee  of  contradiction
dear customers are obligated when ordering delivery، make an apparent delivery apparent delivery means check the goods from all aspects of appearance and deliver them if there are no apparent defects
pay attention  when the goods arrive at the apparent delivery ،the store will not be held liable for any apparent problems or omissions
note : goods delivered at delivery receipt  which should not be removed from the package
 as : air conditioner ، TV ،home cinema and … are excluded from this clause  And customers should merely examine the health of packaging. in these cases ، opening and launching goods should only be by The experts of the company provide the warranty service ، otherwise, the device is out of warranty and the responsibility for the potential problems is the responsibility of the customer
attention : if the packaging of the goods has an apparent problem or omission and indicate a corrosion or possible problems the customer must refrain from delivering it and inform the store immediately
when sending goods by post or courier company dear customers are obligated in the presence of a postage agent and before the signing, delivery of the goods make sure the packaging is healthy and the apparent health of the goods and if the product has a defect in terms of packaging or apparent health ، not delivering it  immediately notify the store. in these cases, if the customer without apparent health check  mail or delivery receipt it means getting the goods correctly and healthy get signature، there is no other right to protest about the apparent health of the goods،  because the goods are insured up to the maximum، because the customer has personally verified which has received the goods correctly and healthy ، no more possible follow up for damage received by the customer does not exist
feta police instructions at delivery  orders paid online ، provide a national card in accordance with the name of the client ، is a must. if the person who ordered the goods ، and paid it online،
the goods will tend to be delivered to another person Should be through  panel ، mail ،or message name of the recipient's delivery to the store declare ، otherwise, the store did not deliver the goods in this case, the remittance charge will be charged to the customer
according to the rules of the store ، in orders where payment has been made iocally ، before delivery of goods first, you need to clear the settlement factor  and then the goods will be delivered . after settling the invoice the customer will have the opportunity to attend the store's representative  in the presence of the store representative, the customer will have the opportunity to review his product in terms of apparent health and then sign the receipt of the apparent delivery of the goods، after apparent delivery ، dear customers, it will take up to 4 days to check the goods technically
if there is any technical problem  the goods are subject to the 4-day golden warranty
due to issues and problems and based on coordination feta police and police، delivery of all orders will be the entrance door of the building unless the customers ask for classes to be delivered at the time of ordering
startup conditions and use of purchased goods 
purchased goods  in terms of the possibility of launch and use divided into 2 categories 
items that should only be installed by a post-sales service provider
 in this case, the customer must not personally install the product or device under any circumstances ، set upiand use ، in this case, the warranty of the goods or devices will be void and it will be the responsibility of the customer
In this case, the customer should be contact the company's after-sales service and demand the installation of the goods
2. goods by the customer can be set up and used and do not need to contact after-sales service for installation
which of the following is included in your product ، in the receipt of delivery of your goods is indicated

Matte 9 - Possible error in site prices

the store always tries which prices the goods correctly and with minimal error and enter the site daily. but since these prices entered by experts and operators there is always a possibility of human error in data when these prices are incorrectly logged in no obligation to store to sell the goods at the same price will not make a mistake
in these cases even if the price is wrong  ،the goods must be invoiced and sent to the customer ، the customer is obligated if goods from the package did not leave or return it  or we may pay the difference  and if the product has been removed from the packaging،  we are obliged to deposit the difference into the account of the store . by accepting the laws of the site, the customer disclaims any right to object in any of these cases
attention: criterion of inserting wrong price on site ، the difference is more than 10% of the price of
the site and the price of the market convention

Matte  10 - Exclusive after-sales service AftabMall

4-day golden replacement
dear customers aftabMmall it will take up to 4 days to purchase a technical product and if the item is
purchased have technical issues ، the goods are replaced for them and if the inventory of the item has ended in the store ، customers can 
choose another similar product
refund request

 Matte   11 - The necessary conditions for using the 4-day golden replacement are

the customer will be notified in writing before the 4th day of receipt of the technical notice
the technical issue is subject to approval by the aftermarket service experts of our warranty service provider or our technical experts and this objection is due to improper use from purchased items or issues such as hit the device, power fluctuations ، water corrosion or other deliberate problems
carton and packaging of goods are completely healthy and without rupture or dripping. tagging or writing descriptions address or any other item on the carton or the original box makes it impossible to use this guarantee
the goods should be completely healthy without any kind of appearance  make a mistake in appearance and on the day the goods are delivered
attention : if technical objection is confirmed  ، while changing goods، no charges will be made to resell customers، but if the technical objection is not approved by the experts while returning goods ، the cost of re-sending the customer will be received
attention : this guarantee only includes the technical defects of the goods and does not include any defects or apparent problems . as in "important tips when delivery order، it is fully mentioned، the customer is obligated when ordering except special cases . the apparent health of the device is checked and then get it delivered
attention : in case of technical issues related to accessories or parts of the device، only parts will be replaced
3 days return of goods
if the customers aftabmall for any reason, they will be discouraged from buying It will take up to three days to return the purchased item
the necessary conditions for the use of 3 days of return of goods
the purchased item has not been removed from the original packing and seal and this will be confirmed by shop experts
carton and packaging of goods are completely healthy and without rupture or dripping. tagging or writing descriptions address or any other item on carton or box the main reason for this is the inability to use this guarantee
attention : in this condition, the goods are subject to a maximum of 48 hours after the confirmation of shop experts will be deposited with a client account
attention : in these cases, the cost of sending and returning goods It is the responsibility of the customer 
tttention : the possibility of returning goods whose prices are subject to market fluctuations maximum up to 24 hours after the order is completed

Matte  12 - 3 day guarantee price

store aftabmall there is always one advantage over the other online stores and provide city-level stores competitive prices have been announced ، so the store is confident in pricing your products and to create double confidence for customers، 3 days guarantee of price for purchased goods، immediately after it is established (In less than 2 hours), any amount of money will be credited to his account
it should be explaine  that is the duration of this price warranty for the goods  whose price is subject to market fluctuations, max. up to 24 hours
attention: because all the goods presented in online store aftabmall original and corporate goods , have warranty and original parts and given that it is possible shop for a variety of reasons including oiffering trafficked goods without warranty، counterfeit or defective goods، the item is in the showcase، the item is the original  or its accessories have been replaced, apparently, it would cost less for the product، therefore, the precious price only officially announced prices by original manufacturers or importers  that product or prices offered by stores are reputable and well-known
note : guaranteed price includes price changes or buy your own online store aftabmall  ، special sale، discounts and any kind of festival that which other stores are valid for specific sections  and will not be considered for a specific time

Matte  13  -Terms of use of the guaranteed price

use the main condition the guarantee of the price is that goods in terms of model،colour، size، warranty، manufacturer country and other technical specifications exactly similar to the item purchased from the store
other terms for using this guarantee availability of goods on the site or store desired and provide a pre-invoice to the date of the day، given the need for uniformity of comparison conditions, the price guarantee guarantees the final price of the goods in terms of costs such as Shipping cost or value added
no misuse of this project in immoral and non-professional way
mismatch guarantee

In case the goods delivered to the custome  contrary to the order of the goods, customers will have 3 days to go to replace or reflect it the first step to do this is to post a written notice to the store within 3 days. in these cases, if the item you are looking for is not in the store، to customer selection، goods with other similar goods are changed or if desired  payment is refunded

Matte  14- Terms of use of non-conformance guarantee

dear customers are obligated when delivering goods and before opening the package ، match the goods with the ordered goods  and if the contrary has not been delivered and returned
accordingly, goods that are also shipped with mail or cargo, must be received before it is delivered and signed، specifications are tailored to the order of goods and in case of non-delivery, immediately return to the store
dear customers are obligated if  check the compliance of ordered goods and delivery goods available on the package, before opening the package، first, match the product specifications and then remove the goods from the packaging. so, if it does not match the goods are out of the package، even in the event of a conflict، another option is to switch either  there will be no return
carton and packaging should be It's perfectly healthy and free of rupture. labeling or writing a description, address or any other item on the carton or the original box makes it impossible to use this guarantee
given the product photos for information and assistance only buying a customer is possible there are some details in the original photo according to it, it can not be declared contradictory. therefore, the criterion of discretion for respectable customers, the technical specifications are included on the site

umbrella supporting sun_ The exclusive service of the online store AftabMall

online store aftabmall for the sake of the prosperity of our customers and for the first time a unique service under the title umbrella supporting sun has provided its customers. under this service if goods purchased by customers during any warranty period, you have any problem or technical problem no need to visit a customer not providing warranty service companies. Just contact the customer with the store and declare the problem, after that we follow the subject And we will follow up on it
the necessary conditions to use umbrella supporting sun
this service only involves technical faults of the device and misunderstandings caused by improper use of purchased goods or issues such as hit the device power fluctuations, water corrosion or other intentional problems, therefore, if the above objection is not technical, the customer is required to pay the costs related to the goods
services that the store offers for its customers it's free but the customer is obliged pay all the costs associated with the warranty service provider companies based on the invoice provide d

Supplementary insurance AftabMall

as in the section "send Methods" it is explained when the customers are respectable Select posting or shipping method, the store does not have any liability for any damage or damage caused by the above collections
now that experience has shown that post company and especially freight, in the event of damage, usually not responsive, shop to ensure your buyers no compensation and no involvement in the processes of the relevant companies, Provides additional insurance for customers
accordingly, customers who optional insurance option in the event of any incident, just by the store at the side of the account and the store will solve the problem directly at the minimum time interval
of course you should pay attention even the use of supplementary insurance to compensate for it is strictly limited to it dear customers before delivery of the goods, check the health and appearance of it and if the product or package is in trouble, it is not delivered and receipts are based on receipt of goods Have not signed up correctly and healthy; in this case, it is necessary for customers immediately after notice of the problem, make the store aware of the problem

Possibility to discuss on the site

submit comments, suggestions and questions are provided. users are required to do this، Insert any content in violation of legal and ethical principles، defamatory، threatening privacy of individuals or intellectual property rights and any other inappropriate material to refrain from، otherwise, all liability and legal consequences will be borne by him
the store has full authority in publishing or not publishing user opinions
if the user does not pay enough attention to the terms and conditions of the store, the store is authorized to
prevent user access to the site and, if necessary, prosecute it
Site content

Site content

store your best efforts to insert correct information (Including price, technical information, photo of
goods and articles) uses however, the accuracy of all content and the integrity of the content of your information is not guaranteed
shop to increase informing and informing site users, has made the necessary content. this information is provided by the group site and authoritative sources and carefully prepared for their credit and are continually reviewed for accuracy and up-to-date. aftabmall there is no liability whatsoever for the content of this content, the unwanted bugs and drafting errors are not accepted
allow your store at any time to change the content and site information and products
if users submit content to the site, the store will have the right to use, change,correcting and publishing or not publishing it. however, the responsibility for the accuracy of the content is entirely up to the sender

Advertising in the store

the store stores the content of sites that intend to advertise on the site In terms of conflict with the principles and laws of the country  but the veracity of their content and services is not being examined and therefore has no responsibility for the content and services provided on these sites

Responsibilities and obligations of users and customers to use the site

any unconventional use, unauthorized and illegal site abuse by users who cause damage, loss, or loss of information, Disclosure of personal information of users and other possible losses, prosecution will follow
users are required to protect their personal information it is their responsibility to exchange any information through their user IDs and passwords
the store will not be liable for the disclosure of user information due to failure or viralization of its computer system

Material and spiritual right

all site content is solely owned by the store and any copying and personal or commercial use of it unauthorized and prosecuted without a written license from the store
shop options
the store always permits itself to be authorized which is about making custom changes on the site among the technical and apparent changes, change the service and how it is provided Change the content and site information, change in policies،rights and laws
the store has the option, at any time, to discontinue the provision of services to its customers and to communicate with them, and to change or remove all of their content or services
online store aftabmall except address There is no other official reference. If the site wants to connect with your customers in other ways. it will certainly inform you about it so in front of losses caused by Contact customers with any communication unauthorized name aftabmall will not be responsive

Special cases

given that the above rules, the general rules of the store and maybe in certain cases, it is not subject to certain goods. description included in the invoice and receipt of delivery of goods, which is signed by the customer In this case, it will be the norm